Moore Tunisia joins the global network Moore Global Limited, one of the leading international auditing and consulting firms

Moore Tunisia joins the global network Moore Global Limited, one of the leading international auditing and consulting firms

Moore AR Tunisia

Moore Global Limited (formerly Moore Stephens), one of the ten largest global networks specializing in auditing and consulting, recently announced the integration of the auditing and consulting firm Moore Tunisie into its international network. Based in Sousse and formed jointly by Managing Partners Ashraf Amamou and Khaled Rekik, the firm is now part of a network of more than 556 independent offices located in 115 countries employing more than 34,000 employees worldwide. Moore Global Limited provides network members with valuable support for the development and growth of their firms in various key areas of expertise, adopting a harmonized international approach, in accordance with high quality standards.

After completing his studies in France and acquiring solid professional experience in the territory, Ashraf Amamou chose, in 2014, to return to Tunisia with the intention of founding his own firm. Thanks to sustained growth, the firm quickly gained importance to become one of the main regional players. A solid foundation has been put in place.

Following multiple experiences with the Big Four and other multinationals, the arrival of Khaled Rekik as Co-Managing Partner within the firm marked a crucial step in its development, particularly in terms of know-how and quality requirements. . Co-leaders Ashraf and Khaled, ambitious and persevering, adopted an approach based on excellence and quality through in-depth structural work. As a crowning achievement of all these efforts, they opted for integration into the global network Moore Global Limited, thus confirming their dedication and commitment both nationally and internationally.

“We are delighted to welcome Moore Tunisie to our network, an ambitious audit and consulting firm which has experienced rapid growth over the past five years and which strengthens our presence in the North Africa Middle East region. (MENA), and it is strategically important,” declared Anton Colella, CEO of Moore Global, on this occasion.

“Moore Tunisia is a leading audit and consulting firm based in Sousse,” declare the two Managing Partners Ashraf Amamou and Khaled Rekik. With decades of experience and a team of over 30 highly qualified professionals, we provide comprehensive services across all sectors of the economy. Our expertise extends beyond the borders of Tunisia, and we are committed to providing the highest standards of service to our clients, wherever they operate.”

“At Moore Tunisia,” they add, “we believe in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their objectives. We take the time to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, and provide customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our team is focused on providing value-added services that go beyond traditional offerings. We work with firms of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, and we are committed to building long-term, trusted relationships with our clients. We are proud to be part of Moore Global Limited, one of the world's largest audit and advisory networks, operating in over 115 countries. »

Since its inception, Moore Tunisia has evolved significantly and this new alliance promises to further strengthen its role, thereby providing their clients with access to a wide range of resources and expertise, while maintaining the high level service which is the hallmark of the firm and the network.

In order to be in tune with the evolution of the firm and inspired by the approach adopted by multinationals, Khaled and Ashraf were aware that the integration of new partners with strong experience and expertise is an essential factor for stability achievements and expected future development. Indeed, apart from the founding partners of Moore Tunisia, the firm today has two other partners with extensive experience with the Big Four and other multinationals. These are Mohamed Cheniti, partner at Moore Tunisia, and Iadh Bahloul, recently integrated as a new partner at Moore Tunisia. With their know-how and expertise with high added value, the new partners of Moore Tunisia constitute a major asset in the success and success of the firm.

Moore Tunisia positions itself as the pioneer among multinational firms to set up outside the capital, with a specific location in Sousse. With a view to strengthening proximity with customers, the partners are considering the upcoming opening of a new branch in Tunis from November.